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Thursday, July 6, 2017

News, Views Etc . . . Houskeeping

I've sorted out Tuesdays post! Added a new table-image and a product listing which will hopefully make everything clearer? I'll add a product list to today's list in a minute and there's Artillery going up for tomorrow.

Also over the last few weeks I've added a few links to the 'Paper & Card' section (down the left hand column) including Paper Buildings and Paper Shipwright, so worth a visit if you're killing time - like any of us have time to kill, but hey!

Couple of links;

We had something similar a year or two ago, might be the same thing?

This is just for fun!

And the ongoing saga that is Hornby Plc took a turn the day before yesterday when the management at Hornby recommended share-holders turn down the takeover offer as 'underpricing the group'. Probably true when you consider they have four of the worlds best recognised brands under the one roof - even if most of it is manufactured by Kader in Thailand, or some piss-poor, poverty-wage economy like that!

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